Brand Wars – Logorama

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if all your favorite brands came alive, together in one room? Is your favorite brand percevied as the cop or robber? Are you a brand junkie or the generic type? Either way I think you would enjoy this short film the display some of the most well known brands over the world.

I consider myself a brand connoisseur, so I enjoy name brands just like the next person and I also understand the value and reassurance a person has for a company that they spend their money with. As a consumer you would like for the company you spend your hard money on to care by providing additional support for after you purchase the item and/or service. When I think of a brand I always think about the experience. In my opinion, brands are like non-religious cults with a very large loyal following. When a person is invested in a brand, it is hard to tear them from it.

Providing excellent customer service for your brand is very important and the leading cause for why a customer returns and/or purchases more of your products. A person that experiences excellent customer service is more likely to refer you to someone else, which in return will generate new business.

Its always fun to watch your favorite brands have a healthy competition, and to generate a campaign that intrigues its customers. Think of companies such as Pepsi vs Coke, McDonalds vs Burger King, or Apple vs Windows. Every year or so, the rivals have a battle and let the consumers decide between the two. Because the companies maybe similar its seems like a difficult task, but most consumers are loyal to their favorite brands, they only steer away from the brand if it becomes stagnant or another company surpasses them in providing the same service and/or product.

Watching Logorama, a short film directed by French, a few years ago not too long after the short film gained national attention after winning at the 2009 Cannes film festival as well as the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 82nd Academy Awards. I was amazed at how innovative the directors were when creating this short film. The comedic antidotes of the each character in this short film are highly recognized by the viewers and portrays how some of the consumers actually feel about certain brands. The way they were able to incorporate each brand into the storyline was just pure genius!

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Posted on June 12, 2014 in Blog, Branding

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