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Launch Alert: Culinary Genius

Culinary Genius Enterprises is a full service catering company specializing in creole cuisine and small bites for everything including small intimate engagements such as a night with a private chef to recipe writing, meal planning and a variety of catered events servicing the metro Washington, D.C area and surrounding communities. I worked with the owner to create brand identity and…

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Is Your Business Ready for the Busy Season?

Prep Your Business – 5 Essential Tips to Prepare for the Busy Holiday Season.


Be sure to check out powered by MonicaNicole. Company logo and website created by MonicaNicole. Website features an online store filled with shoes and accessories.

How to Spring Clean your Business

MonicaNicole shares a few tips on staying ahead of the curve by spring cleaning your business.

Brilliant Beauty Collection Powered by MonicaNicole, is set to launch Saturday, May 16, 2015. Be sure to visit and shop some of the finest luxury 8A Brazilian Hair and hair products.

Pre-Order Tees Now!

We’re excited to unveil tees available now only on Choose from a variety of colors, sizes and styles for the whole family! We appreciates your support!
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Learn the Best Tips for Branding Your Company

Branding your company is key to influencing your audience and leaving a memorable yet, lasting impression. It is not only the name recognition of your company, but also the perceived value of your organization. Read my top twenty-five essential branding elements to help you create a positive and memorable brand image for your company.

Detroit Graffiti x Grand Scale

View some of my favorite pictures from the Detroit Graffiti x Grand Scale shoot, showcasing Detroit graffiti and Grand Scale’s new summer items, for an exclusive interview with Soo Detroit Magazine. #GrandScale

What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Business? [Infographic]

See how big businesses use colors to affect your emotions and how you can apply these same techniques with your company.

Creating Effective Brand Messages

Learn how to build effective brand messages and engage with your customers.

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