Creating Effective Brand Messages

Building effective brand messages and engaging with customers seems to be the main goal today with social media marketing. Several companies have taken this approach and use social networking sites to engage with its consumers. However, companies must research its target markets to know the most effective avenues in which it would be best to market its products and/or services to. In order to increase and maintain active awareness within the brand, the company must consider all the social media possibilities it has to reach its consumers and which methods would leave the most impressions. This is an important step in coordinating its digital marketing efforts. A company could be spending the majority of the marketing budget in the wrong sector of the market and not generate the revenue expected if the social media marketing plans are not coordinated accordingly.

Several film companies utilize a variety of different social marketing platforms to interact and spread brand awareness with its consumers. The three most popular platforms for film companies today are, Facebook, Twitter, and the company’s own website. Facebook creates a profile for users to interact and stay updated with the company, while Twitter on the other hand allows you interact with your consumers in real-time. As for the company’s website, it allows for the consumers to reach a larger demographic of people and products that are interested in the same things. The company’s website should also provides a viral impact amongst consumers because online streaming allows consumers to watch and interact via web and/or mobile phone. MTV utilizes these services by interacting with its consumers across several social media platforms. The network has smart marketers whose main goals are to increase viewership and awareness. A new and interesting way MTV interacts with its consumers is with mobile entertainment. By using mobile entertainment to engage with its consumers they are able to build momentum, create brand messages and increase viewership and traffic to the website.

There are several ways to measure the success of social media marketing efforts. The top ways to measure social media marketing is to set up engagement metrics to monitor a variety of different things. One way is to measure unique visitors, which counts the number of visitors that visit the site within each timeframe. You can also monitor the time spent and the frequency of each visit per user. Other ways to measure social media marketing efforts is by profile engagements, which are mentions from consumers about your company. Many social networking sites are built with insight information to inform the company of who is actually viewing and subscribing to your content. My favourite analytic tool is Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to view several metrics to determine the reach on your site. Several other serves including another Google powered app, called Google AdSence allows you to turn your website content into monetary values, by generating viewership and ratings can also be a way to measure digital marketing efforts.

Posted on March 13, 2015 in Branding

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