How to Spring Clean your Business

It’s Spring! As signs of life began to reappear outside, it is time to dust the cob webs off your business and begin to re-blossom your business. With every aspect of technology constantly evolving, you need to make sure that your business stays ahead of the curve. Here are a few tips to Spring Clean Your Business.

Create or restore value to your business.

How long has it been since you have updated your branding image? An outdated website and business materials sends the wrong message to potential clients. Consider getting a face lift for your small business website this spring. Modern websites are trending toward cleaner, simpler designs with catchy fonts and fewer graphics. They’re easy to navigate, often with fewer pages, and they instantly convey what your business is all about. We recommended a monthly sprucing of your website to be more attractive to your customers and to Google.

Create new ways to promote and sell your business.

Is it time to try something new? It is easier said than done of course, when it comes to creating new marketing tactics. But it is imperative that you research similar business and learn ways to be better than them. Develop new ways to engage with your customers. Find your niche and create a presence for your business that breeds your company’s culture as well as its benefits.

Clear the Clutter.

One of the most common things with small businesses is email clutter. Take this time to filter and clean up your inbox. Create folders to better organize things. Unsubscribe to mailing lists that may clutter your inbox. Clearing the clutter can lead to finding potential leads that you may have been unable to find before. Sort your files in the office. Out with the old and in with the new.

Go Green.

If applicable, scan, shred and recycle those old papers and convert to an online or digital external database to store your important paperwork, documents and receipts. Create encrypted backups of office machinery and specific folders for you to be able to easily access items. This will keep down the clutter and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

Plan ahead for the holidays.

If you plan on having holiday specials, plan them in advance so you can just roll them out when the time comes. Miner changes can be tweaked but planning ahead will allow for you to focus more on the business aspect. Your focus would then be to engage and provide the best customer service for your customers.

Think About, Where You Are And Where You Want to Be

Take time to do a self evaluation of your business. This is one of the best ways to determine if you are at pace with you long term goals. Strategize new and effective ways to achieve them and shoot for the stars. Think of your business as a bottle of wine; it only gets better with time.


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Posted on May 13, 2015 in Branding, Digital Marketing

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