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My fascination for the entertainment industry began as a young child. I was amazed by the technology and cinematic feel of early productions. I knew as time progressed the wave of technology would have surpassed my imagination. The distribution of films has evolved from theater to VHS, DVD to high definition and blu-ray to 3D and digital. With the rise of the Internet, the film industry has shifted dramatically over the last few years specifically with digital streaming, online distribution and mobile marketing. These new technologies have influenced the film industry by allowing them to reach multiple platforms and consumers.

The digital streaming era began during the late 90’s, where users would share files to become accessible to other users. Many of the file-sharing services were later dismantled by court orders due to the misuse of copyrighted materials. The freeware caused uproar in the industry because people were not knowingly stealing music and movies. Due to digital downloading, production studios were cautious when it came to releasing material because a leaked album or movie could cause a tremendous decrease in sales across the board. People would attend movie theaters less often because they could just watch it at home or not buy a CD because they could download it on their computers.

Now in 2013, although pirating is still a major issue, film distributors have embraced the Internet community by providing a lot of web marketing for videos, including several trailers, websites, games and digital rentals. Media and entertainment conglomerate, Viacom has effectively integrated Internet and mobile marketing into their company by providing several outlets for their users. Each of its digital assets has an interactive website that is accessible from both your mobile device and computer, as well as creating social networking sites for users to stay informed and interact. Another company that has been a major player in the evolution of digital distribution is NetFlix. NetFlix has allowed for its users to stream videos instantly. With the increase of mobile technology, Netflix also provides apps for its consumers to stream videos from their mobile devices. They also have a flat monthly rate that will allow consumers to watch unlimited content for the entire month. This service will soon be the demise of video rental stores.

The major digital trends that will have the most impact on the film industry within the next year are digital streaming and downloading, online distribution and mobile marketing. Although these trends will allow for companies to reach a massive audience, it will also hurt their revenue stream from previous years due to the fact that their products are becoming cheaper. Companies and smart marketers will have to rely on viral and guerrilla marketing to promote their products. Due to the popularity of these trends smart marketers will have more opportunities to engage with users.


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